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With so many different types, colours and sizes of paving bricks, it’s hard to chose.

We give you a simple guide to choosing not only paving bricks that are visually stunning, but the best functionality for your area.


Paving bricks are mainly either concrete or clay. Clay bricks have the advantage of being naturally coloured meaning they retain colour longer than concrete and also have varying contrasts which creates a good visual effect.
Clay paving bricks also last longer, require less maintenance as they resist staining and also have a timeless style as the have a charmed, aged look over time.

The disadvantage of choosing clay-paving bricks is the higher cost (15% on average), the limited choice because they’re naturally occurring colours and sizes and the size variances can make them harder to install. On average clay pavers are less durable and tend to break under heavy traffic.

Concrete paving bricks are obviously cheaper and offer a wider range of choice. Being man-made instead of natural occurring, they can create a vast array of colours, styles and sizes. However being colour; they can fade over time and may need sealing to prolong life.
Being concrete they may erode over time from wear and therefore have a shorter life span.

It’s important to remember when selecting a concrete paver that concrete varies widely in strength and durability depending on manufacturers. You can also get a stone paver; which last longer, however supply and installation prices will be significantly higher.

Paving Bricks Perth
Choosing a Colour

Between all the varieties of paving bricks available today, the colour choice is virtually unlimited. Red to yellow, black to white, greens to blues and every shade in between, the list is endless. So what should you choose? It’s important to keep a few things in mind.

Pavers look best when they compliment the surroundings. This can sometimes be blending to similar tones of your house, or creating a contrast. If your house is cream for example, sometimes more cream brick paving on the driveway and patio may leave the area very bright and lacking a contrast.
This is where it may be more suitable to choose a darker brick such as a grey or black tone.

Paving bricks can also be used in multiple colours. This is where clay paving bricks have a unique advantage in providing subtle colour change creating a beautiful palette in your area.
A great way to use colour is through doing the border or a line around the outside of the area in a different colour. It’s important when picking a colour to remember what the area will be utilised for.
Areas that are being driven over by vehicles are susceptible to black tire marks and oil leaks are better paved with a darker brick so that marks don’t show easily,

Paving Bricks Perth
Choosing a Size

Sizes come in all different sizes and shapes. Choosing a size is a combination of the visual appearance your chasing, as well a functionality. Bigger pavers whilst looking stunning can be somewhat fragile and don’t handle high traffic areas or vehicles. These are more suited for patios, paths and around pools where they can create a feature.
For driveways and high traffic areas like footpaths, your smaller pavers are more durable and less likely to crack as multiple pavers take the weight.

Paving bricks also come in varying thicknesses. Larger brick pavers tend to be thinner (40-50mm), meaning they’re less suited to heavy traffic. The smaller pavers normally differ between 50-80mm, with the thicker pavers beneficial for areas that have more weight (eg. Driveways).

When selecting paving bricks, it’s important to consider what the area will be used for, before choosing a paver that compliments your area.

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