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The best part of getting paving for your area is the numerous paving patterns.

From traditional patterns such as basket weave or herringbone; to more abstract paving patterns that can only be limited by your imagination.

Here are some of our commonly used paving patterns.

Basket Weave

The name describes it; imagine a woven basket pattern. The basket weave pattern is pairs of bricks laid in checker board pattern; horizontally and vertically against each other giving that basket weave appearance.
This paving pattern can be done with the same colour bricks, or to create more of a visual effect for featured areas such as patios, can be laid using contrasting brick colours.

Stretcher Bond (Or Running Bond)

One of our favourites for those winding garden paths; however can be applied to any area.
The nature of installation means that it is one of the most economical paving patterns in terms of wastage as there is little cutting.

Stack Bond

If you’re a fan of strong visual lines, the stack bond-paving pattern is the best choice for your area.
The stack bond is most suited to square bricks to create continuous lines.
To create a bit of difference, the stack bond can be laid on a 45 degree angle to create more interest as well as a contrasting diamond can be added.


By far the strongest paving pattern is herringbone.

The pattern has multiple angles, which is visually engaging, whilst it can be laid at 45 or 90-degree angles. We normally suggest laying a 45-degree pattern for driveways, as it is stronger for heavier vehicles and the turning pressure of tires.
Because the paving pattern is interlocked, this means it is the most weight bearing and durable.
With multiple paving patterns to choose from, make sure you have a look at other paving patterns for ideas as well as asking one of our Perth Paving experts.
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