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Limestone Retaining Walls

Limestone retaining walls are perfect for all applications of retaining, as well as screen walls, limestone piers, custom designs and mass retaining walls (commercial/subdivision).

Whilst limestone retaining walls are very popular in Perth, nearly all of the limestone retaining walls are constructed out of reconstituted limestone. This means that the limestone is crushed and mixed with cement. These reconstituted blocks are more durable than traditional limestone, meaning that your wall has more strength and is longer lasting. Natural limestone blocks are softer, and will also show a black/green discolouration over time.

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Brick Retaining Walls

Brick retaining walls offer a durable retaining wall solution. There are usually two different methods for building a brick retaining wall; cavity wall and block core wall.

Cavity wall is a retaining wall made entirely out of brick whereby two brick walls are built inches apart and the cavity is filled with concrete to create a solid structure.

Block core retaining walls are far more common when the wall is constructed out of cheaper blocks, and a brick veneer is applied to the surface you can view.

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Post & Rail Retaining Walls

Post and rail retaining walls offer a good solution for retaining heights up to 1.5m where space is limited. These can also be used for terracing, steps and ramps as well as garden ending. They are a durable solution, and are often used to replace old sleeper retaining walls.

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Timber Retaining Walls

Timber retaining walls come in a variety of options from different species of timber to popular copper log (treated pine options). Whilst timber retaining walls are not the most preferred option in terms of longevity, they do have the advantage of draining easily.

It’s important to remember that timber retaining walls need to be treated for insects and moisture to increase lifespan. Timber will always be susceptible to rot over time, which may lead to the retaining wall collapsing.

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L Block Retaining Walls

L-Block retaining walls are commonly used and are constructed out reinforced concrete (precast). The area does require a lot more excavation than other retaining wall systems, however the cantilever system properties means that it retains soil and is one of the most durable retaining walls.

Most cantilever systems come in a L-shape consisting of a stem and heel. The heel slab once covered with earth fill allows the cantilever retaining wall to function effectively.

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Stone Retaining Walls

Stone retaining walls are one of the most visually appealing choices in retaining walls. With Perth and Western Australia having a large availability of different stones including granite, sandstone and limestone to name a few.

Whilst natural stone retaining walls are an attractive look and durable, they are one of the more expensive products.

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